• PA hire systems from £60 per day
  • Radio Mic systems from £20 per day

Typical PA Hire Systems available 

TOA System - day rate £65

The 'TOA' sound system comprises a 240W mixer amplifier and 2 x high quality TOA F-2000 loudspeakers(with stands). This would be ideal for corporate events such as an A/V presentation and would take inputs from wired/radio microphones and laptop PC. The loudspeakers that come with this system are weatherproof so can used both indoor and outside.

RAMSA system - day rate £75

The 'Ramsa' sound system  is ideal for parties and wedding speeches and the speakers pack a powerful punch for their size.
Ramsa/Panansonic speakers are known for their clarity and full range sound and these are no excpetion. Includes the following:

2 x 160W loudspeakers - with stands
1 x 1000W power amplifier
1 x simple rack mounted sound mixer
1 x Wired microphone (wireless mic additonal extra for £15/day)
1 x 5 metre MP3 player - iPOD etc. input - connected via headphone socket on player.
2 x 10 metre loudspeaker cables

Add a single SUB BASS unit for £25

Chauvet 4Play lighitng system- £35 day rate

The 4PLAY provides a ready-to-go light bar for all occasions. The bar is fitted with four LED moonflowers each containing red, green, blue and white LEDs to produce razor-sharp rotating beams. The unit features 6-channels of DMX control with built-in automated and sound-activated programs. The 4PLAY fits onto most standard tripods, it also comes in a travel bag..

lighting hire

STAGG System - £95 day rate

The 'STAGG' sound system is ideal for almost any event, it is 2 x 300W powered Speakers on stands with Bluetooth conection along with standard input channels for almost any source, iPod, CD, wireless Radio Microphone, wired microphone etc. They have a 12" main driver with HF tweeter and they really thump - no need for a sub bass with these.

stagg PMS12   stagg PMS12 rear

Wireless Radio Mic Systems- various available  - from £25 per day

Trantec and TOA are among the best in the business when it comes to Radio Microphone systems - we have both channel 38, 70 and VHF systems available.

We can provide up to 8 ways with varying handheld and beltpack systems. Please ask for details and we will provide a quote.

Tranted 4 way Radio Mic system